Tired of spending hours fastening to concrete? Or do you avoid taking on projects that involve fixing to concrete? At GFC, we pride ourselves on being a reputable seller of quality products which means we don’t just take the manufacturers word, we test it for ourselves. So we have reviewed the TOMAHAWK FASTFIX CONCRETE SCREW and here are our findings.

Over the years we’ve trialled dozens of concrete fasteners designed to withstand corrosion, be the strongest and claim to be the best product for dual materials. But this product really does stand above the rest and stands true to its claim to be the best new concrete fastener on the market. 

Let’s look a little deeper into what this product promises us versus what we get.

For Use In Concrete, Brick and Block

We found this screw universal for use in all 3 materials. Usually, we would find a product to have its specifications unique to one application. But as well as being a specialised concrete screw the Tomahawk Fastfix binds just as tightly to brick and block. The sharp-edged threads saw through any material with ease.

Superior Holding Strength 

We used the Tomahawk Fastfix concrete screw 6.5mm x 45mm CSK T30 Ruspert screw to fix our shelves to the concrete wall and for a small screw, they can hold 50kg of weight with ease.

Non-Expansion Functioning Provides a Low-Risk Damage To The Base Material 

A non-expansion screw will bind tighter into the hole which is why this is a great advantage in this screws technology. We find the non-expansion option is longer lasting than other screws and rarely damages the base material. It also means you can take out the screw if you need to remove it. 

No License Required 

Gaining a license to use a tool such as a shot fired pin and charge might not be at the top of everyone’s priority list. Having the ability to easily fix a screw without needing a license is a great advantage. It is also less expensive and less dangerous. 

Corrosion-Resistant, Ruspert Blue Coating, 1000 Hours Salt Spray  

Ruspert coating has three layers. A metallic zinc coating, high-grade anti-corrosion chemical and a baked ceramic surface coating. The synergy of all three layers is what gives it corrosion resistance. We decided to drop this screw into a salt bath for 6 weeks just to check it’s legitimacy. The answer…. it’s legit. We saw no signs of corrosion after the 6 weeks. We gave it a scratch and still nothing. It holds true to this promise.

Drill It. Drive It. Done.

The simplicity of drilling and driving the screw in place is game-changing. We do however recommend reaming out the hole to get rid of the dust for extra rigidity (you could also blow or vacuum). The difference in the fixing is much better in clean holes. Dust can also prevent the screw from going all the way in. We also found it best to drill ¼ inch deeper than the length of the screw in case there are still remnants in there and it avoids the screw bottoming out. 

Unique Design With Patented Thread Ensures High Performance

The thread definitely draws the screw in and has a very firm hold but this unique design shows no huge advancement to what’s on the market already which does the job. 

TX30 For Stronger Grab When Setting 

The TX30 gives a noticeably stronger grab as soon as you insert the start of the thread into the hole. It gives you more stability when screwing in which can be a real time saver as well. 


We removed the Tomahawk after drilling it into concrete, block and brick and it came out perfectly from all three. 10/10 for this. 

Overall this product meets its expectations and beyond. That’s always a big tick from us when we’ve read the specifications of new products months before we receive them and get excited knowing what’s coming. We’re sorely disappointed if they do fall short of their expectation. But not the Tomahawk FastFix concrete screw. We gladly recommend this is anyone needing to fix to concrete. We had no frustrations and found this screw really easy to work with. 

For Tomahawk’s full range check them out on our website. We’re also giving away FREE testers we’re so confident in this brand new top of the line product. Simply click below to arrange yours today. Ring us if you have any queries, we’re happy to help.


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