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It might sound a little cliched, but here at GFC, we are working hard to lift our game above and beyond that of our competitors. Many years ago we were just considered a nuts and bolts supplier, but we have been striving to be much more, and so in this week’s blog post we thought we would share with you a few of our latest offerings designed to improve our customer experience.

GFC dropbox

Let’s start with the GFC dropbox.

We are proud of this idea. It truly is magic. Request a dropbox for your site, place an order and like magic, we use star trek technology to beam the products into your box. No need for keys as we will text you an access code to your phone. It is the future. Contact the team at GFC to find out more.

Order tracking

With two free deliveries being offered to each customer every day, our logistics must be running smoothly and transparently, which is why we provide a particular order tracking code to each order request.

Hardware delivery

Customer Service

We know this isn’t exactly groundbreaking technology, but we are genuinely aiming for the stars in this department. We believe that our service and customer relationships come first in everything we do. And it is working. Want to see how we saved one construction firm over $50k? Read our case study here –

And now introducing

Power tool service

Our latest service offering is based on customer feedback and careful competitor analysis. Some specialist power tool companies might offer power tool servicing, but they will only service their brand tools. Some hardware or big box stores provide power tool servicing but do they offer site pick up guaranteed next day return?

GFC is now offering any brand of power tool servicing, testing and tagging with same day pick up and next day return!

We would genuinely love to hear your feedback on our new improvements as well as any ideas or recommendations you have to improve the quality of our service.


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