4 Common Uses for Construction Adhesives

Construction adhesives are general-purpose adhesives that are essential to both contractors and at-home DIY projects. They have long been a critical part of any workplace, but technology has continued to improve over the years. Today’s adhesives are quick-drying, non-shrinking, can be painted, and can be used on a variety of materials.

Versatile and robust, new products on the market can bond nearly anything to almost anything else.

4 Common Uses for Construction Adhesives

1. Wall Mouldings

One attribute that makes these adhesives so versatile is their ability to bond without causing damage. Decorative mouldings, like skirting boards, crown, or casings, can really enhance the look of a room.

Using nails to affix trim can leave nail holes and risk marring the surface of these relatively fragile pieces. Instead, use a proper adhesive, like Sika Nailbond to effectively, but gently, attach any decorative moulding.

2. Laying Tiles

Tile floors can make a home or workplace look beautiful whilst remaining easy to clean, which makes them perfect for high-traffic areas like entryways or commercial buildings. Using an adhesive to attach ceramic tile over wood sub-floors is a fast and effective method of laying down tile, but it is imperative to choose the proper adhesive. You will need something with a high bond strength to ensure secure adhesion. A product like Bostik Gold Ultra Adhesive will firmly bond ceramic tile to either wood or plywood.

If you’re picturing a fully tiled bathroom or an easy-to-clean laundry with tile walls, you will need a product that is rated for vertical and overhead use. Bostik Gold Wallboard Adhesive is safe to use on overhead applications.

3. Installing a Shower

One major drawback of some adhesives is that they can’t be used in wet environments. If you are installing a new shower, you need a product that will hold even on a damp surface. 
Bostik Shower Grip makes installing shower linings and trays much easier. You can reposition the adhesive as needed, and it is both heat and moisture resistant. This long-lasting product will not stain, so you can install a pristine white shower lining and keep it looking great.

4. Hanging Wall Panels

Regardless of the material you are using, wall panels can be the bane of your existence with any construction job. Prone to breaking when you screw or nail them in, you are then left with lines or divots to smooth over before you can paint. Using an adhesive can bond the panel to the studs, without any screws or nails.
Sika HBF Maxbond is paintable, so will blend in perfectly with the finished wall. It requires no mixing, so you can apply the adhesive directly to your wall panel, plasterboard, etc., and it will adhere to either metal or wood studs.

The proper construction adhesive can make big or small jobs easier, cleaner, and more efficient. Talk to the experts at GFC Fasteners & Construction Products to get the right adhesive for your job.


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