Bond Nails Fast With the Sika Nailbond Adhesive

Construction isn’t the sort of business where you want to use questionable adhesives. You want adhesives with good tack that you can use with a variety of materials and that cure quickly. Sika Nailbond adhesives have you covered with a range of products meant to hold any project together.

The Original Sika Nailbond

Nailbond SB Original is a solvent-based adhesive that can fill in gaps and bond a variety of wallboards, panels, and flooring materials. It is extremely strong and will not slump or drip even when applied to overhead features. You will need good ventilation as you work with it, but it guns easily and has a great initial tack.

You can use this original formula with timber, particleboard, plywood, tiles, architraves, moulding, metal, and aluminium. It takes 7 days to fully cure, but 90% will be done in 8-24 hours, and it still keeps some flexibility after it’s cured.

Another Level

Nailbond Premium is a polyurethane-based adhesive that provides another level of stick to your walls or floors, exterior or interior. It cures 3mm every 24 hours by reacting with the moisture in the atmosphere and turns into an elastic yet tough bond. Since it does not expand as it cures, this adhesive does not shrink or foam but make sure to keep it dry those first 2 to 3 hours.

Its high strength and high grab mean you can use it with a variety of materials like tiles, bricks, concrete, polystyrene, plywood, fibre-cement board, compressed sheeting, and metals. You can also use it to bond wall linings to timber or metal.

Fast and Easy

Nailbond Fast is a different animal than original and premium. A water-based adhesive, Fast has no solvents but all the strength to hold panels to wall studs, strip flooring to joists, and skirting boards to walls. It only takes 24 hours to cure and is green-building compliant.

Since’s it’s water-based, there are no fumes to worry about and you can paint over it with water-based paint. Squeaky nails are muffled by this fast-drying adhesive and it’s definitely handy for sticking loose panels back in their place on the wall. You can even reposition the panel for up to an hour after applying if it comes out crooked.

For Those Adhesive Emergencies

Nailbond SuperGrip 2 Hour is great for anything you need to stick and cure fast. This waterproof, transparent polyurethane paste bonds to almost anything, including particleboard flooring, timber, marble, stone, concrete, bricks, glass, fibre cement, tiles, rubber, metals, and aluminium. It resists high temperatures, so it works outdoors as well as in and does not shrink or drip.

And it does cure in 2 hours and will strengthen in the following 24, making it a lifesaver for those last-minute additions or household emergencies. Just make sure you like where you put it. You only have 30 minutes to make changes before your panel is set.

From well-planned construction to emergency home repair, Sika Nailbond has the adhesive you need. For more information, call GFC Fasteners & Construction Products to find out which one is perfect for your project.


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