Top 5 Uses for Soudal Gorilla Grip Construction Adhesive

Many products can help you construct, renovate, or finish homes, but one stands tall above the others in terms of quality and reliability: Soudal Gorilla Grip Constructive Adhesive. It has earned a well-deserved reputation for being extremely versatile and fast-curing, picking up where other adhesives fall short. In short, it’s a must-have for your toolbox and can help you complete more professional projects more quickly.

1. Bath Surround Installation

Most adhesives are flawed because they can’t be applied to wet surfaces. On the other hand, Gorilla is strong enough to use on interior spaces frequently exposed to water. This makes it ideal for installing a bath surround or stone vanity top. You can also use this adhesive to affix medicine cabinets to walls and tile flat surfaces in the bathroom.

Gorilla is unique because it’s solvent-free. Many adhesives peel away from surfaces before they’re cured because the solvents they contain escape. When solvents escape, the adhesive shrinks, and lose its grip. Gorilla provides an iron-clad bond, helping contractors establish reputations for quality work.

2. Door and Flooring Joints

Gorilla forms strong joints between medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or particleboard in places like doors, door frames, and kitchen cabinets. In flooring applications that use tongue and groove particle board material, Gorilla can create more durable joints than the material itself.

3. Stair Treads and Nosings

Stair treads and nosings are among the most challenging jobs to complete due to the finesse required and tacking down timber with nails can cause damage and void the manufacturer’s warranty. The alternative is an adhesive, like Gorilla, spread with a trowel notch rather than a caulking gun to ensure complete coverage.

4. Insulation Material Bonding

Many construction adhesives labelled as “heavy-duty” dissolve insulation because of – you guessed it – solvents. Gorilla is solvent-free and can even be used on polystyrene.

5. Masonry Bonding

Landscape contractors have long opted for construction adhesive over mortar to build concrete-block retaining walls. It’s also ideal for reattaching veneer to foundations and walls, where water seeps into mortar. And for chimneys, such as a wobbly cap or crumbly crown, Gorilla makes for easy and effective repairs.
On all your jobs, be sure to take Gorilla with you. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and comes in different cures, such as one- or two-hour, so you can keep moving. For more information on this or other construction products, or to place an order, contact GTC Fasters & Construction Products in Penrose, Auckland, today.


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